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The excitement that comes with every new release – whether it's an album, EP, or single – is just as exhilarating as the first. Florilla Entertainment has overseen a number of popular songs and musical collections, and continues to work towards helping the music they love get the exposure they believe it deserves. To find out more about upcoming and current releases from Florilla Entertainment, feel free to reach out.


Florilla Entertainment is known for releasing singles that people love listening and dance to. Young Souf Geta is one of their latest Artist to release nothing but that Florilla Heat, which they know will soon be shooting up the music charts. Check "Young Souf Geta" out to get an idea of the talent that makes Florilla Entertainment the incredible music label it is. If you’ve got any questions regarding his amazing records, feel free to get in touch.

Young Souf Geta has released four bangers that will definitely have the streets poppin and the clubs rockin! So much has gone into the making these Records and publicity surrounding the release of "What It Look Like," "Tippy Toes," "No Joke," and "Rise Up." Florilla Entertainment is proud to be associated with such a wonderful project.

These newest releases by "Young Souf Geta" courtesy of Florilla Entertainment will surely get Heads Bobbin and the Streets Starving for more and it’s guaranteed you’ll love these Records. Purchase or stream your very own copy right now, and if you want to learn more about the recording process with this incredible artist, feel free to get in touch.